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Are you a Modern JAP? Here’s what it means to us!


Modern Jap’s name was inspired by the timeless meaning of the word Modern in terms of art:   contemporary styles of art, literature, music, etc., that reject traditionally accepted or sanctioned forms and emphasize individual experimentation and sensibility. All of the items posted on this blog, follow this definition because modern fashion comes from the mind of the brilliant designers behind the pieces, so the items are really just pieces of art emphasizing a designers experimental success. To us, modern means you are able to use these items to come into your own, and make your own fashion statement by creating an experiment, while using the experiment of others. You aren’t afraid to contradict yourself, adding new to old, old to new, edgy to simple, and grunge to classy.


To most people, A JAP is known as a “Jewish-American Princess”, a girl who wears higher end brands and enjoys the finer things in life. To us, JAP simply means you like to take pride in your fashion sense, wearing the highest quality of designer clothing, and not only do the clothes make you look good, but you make them look good too. You don’t have to be jewish, or american, but JAP is a figure of speech. In modern terms, it means you have an eye for the art, a fashion-lover out to finish your experiment. We believe every girl is a JAP at heart because you like to look good and dress well, but being a JAP is not just something you call a girl who wears designer clothes, it’s about a lifestyle, completeing the look, making it your own.

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