Best Nude Heels

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It is hard to ignore the rage of Nude Heels in the fashion world. I absolutely love the look- that can be transformed from sleek and classy, to fun and flirty, all depending on the outfit their paired with. Not only does the versatility stem from the apparel, but they can be transferred from season to season, or day time to evening. Floral dress in the spring, black evening dress in the winter, or a business look can all be complimented by a pair of nude heels. I enjoy the look because they compliment the leg line- creating a look of endless legs, like the nude color of skin never stops. It actually reminds me of the concept of a ballerina, pink tights, pink shoes, elongating the leg to the fullest.

nude stuart weitzman heelsSTUART WEITZMAN. ZAPPOS FOR $298

STEVE madden nude heelsSTEVE MADDEN. ZAPPOS FOR $89


valentino-tstrappump-895VALENTINO. NORDSTROM FOR $895

I do want to buy a pair, the only problem is… I’m too tall for heels. I actually love being tall, and love wearing in heels, in fact I walk runway and I can practically sprint in heels. I just don’t go anywhere that heels are needed. My schedule consists of school, work, yoga, boyfriend, and I like being comfortable and not too overwhelmingly tall for everyone, lol. I have a few great pairs, just no nude heels. I am going to an event in February, so I am thinking about getting a new pair of heels… nude heels. I checked out my two favorite places to make purchases, and came up with these pairs of nude heels as the best! Two of them are affordable and practical, the other two are just drool-worthy. I chose a very simple look- sleek and classy. I think I like the Stuart Weitzman ones, what do you think?

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Summer Fashion Clothes

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Hey guys! I have some definite summer fashion clothes must-haves! I am going to make a Big Haul video soon showing you some summer fashion clothes and make-up that I have recently purchased. I love the things I have been purchasing and the ensembles I have been putting together for summer. The colors are awesome and the light clothing feels great.

I wanted to give you a sneak-peek to some of my summer favorites and must-haves! I have more things to show you, but those will be in upcoming videos.

h.i.p. racer back tank top

Even though I bought a different pattern, this shirt is very similar to the on I bought at Nordstrom this week. I love this shirt by h.i.p., the light and silky texture that is PERFECT for summer fashion clothes. BP (the junior section of Nordstrom) has an amazing selection at a low price. I love the pattern that I got in this shirt and I will definitely show you in the video. H.I.P. has very cute and good quality shirts. You can get this h.i.p. button front tank top at Nordstrom for $32.

jolt foldover shorts

These shorts may not look all that great- but my boyfriend picked them out, so I tried them on. They were actually adorable and I got them in olive green. The shorts were $32 and you could get two for $42, but I only picked up the one pair- that may have been silly. These Jolt foldover shorts are super easy going, down to earth, and bohemian-esque. I enjoy wearing these shorts with a cute tank and maybe my new Toms! I will show these in a video very soon! You can get these Jolt Foldover Shorts at Nordstrom for $32!

lilt white floral shorts

These Lily White Floral Challis shorts are my favorite item that I purchased from Nordstrom. They are so adorable, and the pattern looks awesome next to a solid colored tank top, and a lot of gold necklaces. I love that they are high-waisted and that they are supoer comfortable! The use of this light silky material I am seeing throughout many summer fashion clothes is very enjoyable. Lily White uses a very cute pattern in these challis shorts, and I am sticking to enjoying floral on a black background. It really is my favorite…. You can purchase these adorable Lily White Patterned Challis Shorts from Nordstrom for $22!

toms natural canvas classics

The Toms in Natural Canvas, are simply classic and versatile- light and airy and an amazing summer item. Whether you are traveling, or going to school, these shoes are comfy and match with anything, and any style! I love how comfortable Toms are and I am loving this pair. I enjoy wearing these with any summer fashion clothes, such as rompers, shorts, or even leggings. I actually paired these with an adorable ensemble… long jean leggings, a white tank, and awesome accessories. Also paired with a black cardigan, as usual! Get these Natural Classic Canvas Toms at for $44!

aldo ulvan brouges

I love these oxfords that I purchased from Aldo. Although they gave me terrible blisters- I forgive them because I know I was just breaking them in. They are super comfy, airy, and versatile, which I am loving this season! These are awesome shoes, AND on sale for $40. I have been looking for a well priced pair of oxfords for a long time, so look at to get them while they last! - Summer starts here. All finds under $90.

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