The Antrobus Bag

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International lifestyle designer, Alison Antrobus, has made her way from exquisite interior design work of upscale lobbys, restaurants, and hotels, to her roots of being a woman- an organized, workable handbag, ready for a woman on the go, just like Ms. Antrobus. Alison has a passion for pleasing the client, not only pleasing, but really listening to what they want and need. She has served women all over the world with this unbelievably functional handbag- The Antrobus Bag! Not to mention its class, versatility, and beauty. Alison Antrobus was first an architect, the drawings and shapes coming to her as if it were second nature, her designs would flow. She double majored in fashion design as well, and gets to take this time to have the amazing opportunity of sharing her talent with the world through fashion, through the Antrobus Bag.


I guess if you can design unbelievable hotels, a handbag is a piece of cake huh? But to be successful, organization is very important, and this handbag shows her organization must be top notch! I absolutely love the mix of the canvas and leather, the color options, and the beautiful detail in The Antrobus Bag. The “drawers” on the side of the bag are the best thing I’ve seen yet out of a handbag.


Check out here site HERE to see prices of The Antrobus Bag

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