Be & D Memphis Ballet Flats

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Who makes it? Be & D

Zappos: Be & D Memphis Ballet Flats

Where did I find it?

Why do I like it?  Black flats are one of my favorite items, since they’re great to wear with pretty much anything. These Be & D Memphis Ballet Flats are great for this season… Black, Fashionable, and Studded. I love the part that goes across the foot, because it takes these flats from being ordinary and plain, to stylish and eye-catching. I think these would be an item that I would over-wear and would find looking awesome with everything in my closet. I would love these with a pair of J Brand Ink 10’ Skinny and Nicole Richie and Kitson House of Harlow 1960 jewelry to add a little jazz to the outfit.

How much is it? Get these awesome Flats at for $379

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