Bebe Leather Jacket

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Who makes it? BEBE (I know JAPs aren’t a huge fan just hear me out)

Bebe Leather Jacket

Where did I find it? BEBE

Why do I like it? Ok to be honest, I haven’t bought anything from BEBE since 5th grade when I thought it was cool to have a plain shirt that said BEBE across the boobs, and probably throwing it away within a few months. But, leather jackets with a trendy look are very big this season. Bebe happened to have some great quality leather jackets for a reasonable price that looks great. Forever 21, and brands with mass-produced shitty quality fabrics, have leather jackets for cheap, but I am not a fan. If you don’t want to spend thousands at a department store, this is a great find. Not for a blizzard, but for a chilly winter night to accompany jeans like Joni Surplus Low Rise Jeans by Silver Jeans, or even dress it up a little for a night out with Dolce and Gabbana Leather Boots with Buckle.

Where can you get  it? Bebe

Who’s wearing it? Many people are into cute crop leather jackets this season.

How much is it? Around $200.00


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