Belstaff Black New Jair High Shoe

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BelStaff Lizz Leather Jacket

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Who makes it? BelStaff

BelStaff Lizz Leather Jacket

Where did I find it?

Why do I like it? Me and everyone else, is very interested in finding the perfect leather jacket for the season. This one is a perfect example of one that is my style. I love the multiple zippers and the awesome collar. I also love the asymmetry of the zippers, and the faded black that gives it a vintage-biker look. If this BelStaff Lizz Leather Jacket is a little over your price range, check out a great deal on a nice leather jacket at Bebe, Bebe Leather Jacket. Leather jacket’s are not only a must-have for this season, but they can be worn year after year without fail!

How much is it? $1,725 on

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