Bobi 29” Cotton Lycra Leggings

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Who makes it? Bobi

Bobi 29” Cotton Lycra Leggings

Where did I find it?

Why do I like it? Not many people know about Bobi, but I know that this brand makes quality items that are priced very well! These really caught my eye because they are so simple and so long! Black leggings are CRUCIAL AND ESSENTIAL to a women’s closet with the current fashion trends. These would look awesome with a simple tee under this Joie Regine Long Sleeve Drapey Cardigan, with some awesome boots Jeffrey Campbell Black Multi-Buckle Boots to jazz things up. These Bobi 29” Cotton Lycra Leggings are comfortable, and a great substitute for pretty much any top. Leggings can be worn out on a casual day, or out to an event, their possibilities are endless.

How much is it? $44 on!

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