Chanel Fake Tattoos

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Chanel Fake Tattoos

I know these aren’t brand new, but they did come out this year for about $75! They were seen on a lot of celebs, such a Lindsay Lohan, and on the runway, and it was adorable. Ofcourse the designs by Chanel are super cute and creative… I would expect nothing less! I am not a huge fan of tattoos on women, but I am a firm believer that it depends on the woman and the tattoo. I have recently been considering getting a small tattoo on my heal for my yoga practice, and it has had A LOT of thought, and it is extremely meaningful to me, otherwise I wouldn’t get it. I definitely wouldn’t get Chanel tattoo so these Chanel Fake Tattoos are just perfect for my liking! Not sure if they are worth the $75, it depends on how long they stay on for… and maybe it would be worth it for Halloween or some kind of cool event. I am pretty sure I will stay tattoo free for now… fake or real!!!

Chanel Fake Tattoos

Chanel Fake TattoosChanel Fake Tattoos

Chanel Fake Tattoos

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JULY GIVEAWAY (Pink Sugar, Chanel Lipgloss, OPI Summer)

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Hey guys! Check out my July Giveaway on YouTube which consists of Pink Sugar Perfume, Chanel Muscat Lipgloss, and OPI Summer Flutter Mini’s

Here are the products and why I love them so much!

chanel muscat

Chanel Muscat Lipgloss is a beautifully pinky nude that I have been enjoying this summer! I love Chanel’s Lipgloss it goes on so nicely. It’s a new favorite and I wanted to share it with one of you :)

pink sugar perfume

I started wearing Pink Sugar about a month ago, and I am already more than half way done with the bottle. This mix of a sugar cookie and cotton candy smell makes you smell edible and fresh. It is delicious. :)

opi summer flutter minis

The colors in the OPI Summer Collection are so vibrant and pretty. The shades of Orange and Blue are especially my favorite! Mini’s are too cute to resist.

1. Comment on The more comments the more entries- and a better chance to win!
2. Add me on Twitter and Tweet the “Entry Tweet” – “I just entered @ModernJap July Giveaway to win Pink Sugar Perfume, Chanel Lipgloss, and OPI! Check it out HERE:”
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Summer Fashion Colors

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What are your favorite Summer Fashion Colors? Bright and pure colors such as coral or white really uplift my spirit and allow be to become one with the season. I love wearing light and airy clothes, loose clothes, and adding a classy boho flare to my summer style. Accessorizing in gold is a key color for a great mix of Summer Fashion Colors! The corals I enjoy most are either light and peachy, or a more bright and vibrant shade like Calypso Coral by Bobbi Brown. Coral can be worn as a shirt color, lip color, cheek color, nail polish color, and even a pair of shorts or tights. I also enjoy coral because I feel as if it is the orange of summer, and if you know me, you know my favorite color is orange! I am in search of a coral bathing suit, please help! White is such a pure color and I enjoy wearing white to uplift my spirit and brighten my day. It is also convenient that it isn’t as hot in the sun. White is fun to wear in watch form, shirts, capris, or a romper. Adding turquoise as an accent color to white is always eye catching and always beautiful for summer. Gold, white, and turquoise is an amazing combo. Accessorizing is key! I love gold accessories against bright colors like coral and white!

Here are some examples of my favorite Summer Fashion Colors and items by some amazing designers!


Lauren by Ralph Lauren Dolphin Cay Hammered Drop Necklace. ( Nordstrom $58)


Michael Kors Ceremic Oversized Chronograph Watch (soon to be mine!) ( $250)


J Brand Baggy Boyfriend Jeans in Omaha (Piperlime)


Essie Nail Polish “One of a kind” (ULTA $8)


Debbie Katz Bandeau Romper (ON SALE $30 Nordstrom)


Chanel Nail Colour in Gold Lame (Nordstrom $22)


Chanel “Bikini Peach” Lipgloss (Nordstrom $20)


Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips (Nordstrom $20)


Ariella Collection Enamel Dome Adjustable Ring- also comes in Coral, White and Black. (Nordstrom $68)


Alex and Ani Spike Necklace (Nordstrom $58)

Also, check out the great site, Buy Makeup Online, for all of your cosmetic needs!  Or check this one out for some Celebrity Smokey Eyes ideas.

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I previously wrote something very similar in one of my previous posts, and then found something that another JAP wrote on urbandictionary! GREAT JAPS THINK ALIKE

A Jewish American Princess (JAP) owns:
Hardtail and/or Juicy sweatpants, UGGs, a black puffy North Face, many cut sweatshirts, 2ct diamond earings, a Michele Watch, many long beaded necklaces, a Longchamp bag to carry books in, a Herves bag to carry laptop, a Louis key wallet for keys to their X5, a black RAZR, many Juicy zip-ups, Burberry scarves (NOT THE ORIGINAL COLORS!) , David Yurman jewelery. Dior or Chanel or Gucci sunglasses, 575 jeans, Rock & Republics, Seven for All Mankind denim (with Swarovski crystals), Citizens of Humanity jeans
A common misconception about JAPrincesses is that they wear jewelery from Tiffany & Co. They DO NOT (unless perhaps they’re in 7th grade).

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Chanel Sunglasses 5018

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Who makes it? Coco Chanel would be proud

Chanel Half Tint 5018 Sunglasses

Where did I find it? On many people.

Why do I like it? These glasses are very modern and spending the money to wear these everyday or often, is a brave fashion move. These can be seen as very classy and classic, and interpreted to have an edge. I love the half tint, the roundness, and the fact that they only come in black. These sunglasses, along with many items that I want to drool over like Michael Kors Aviator Acetate Sunglasses, and pull out my hair looking for on the internet, are rare and hardly can be found. I still think they are awesome.

Where can you get  it? Chanel or online- but good luck!

Who’s wearing it? Many celebrities and icons.

How much is it? $600.00 or more

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