Summer Nail Polish Colors

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Summer Nail Polish Colors are on my mind and I cannot wait to get a mani tomorrow- and you know what that means! It’s time to pick the perfect nail and toe colors for summer, and you better believe I did my research. I have purchased so many nail polish colors over time that I may be considered crazy, but I love having my own colors and being able to pick and choose right from my own bundle of colors. I have some definite favorites this season, so I decided to share a few of my favorite Summer Nail Polish Colors. The tones of color that I am leaning towards in clothing happen to incorporate many earth tones and articles of clothes that I like to use as canvas’ to accessory use and summer nail polish colors. I am loving the coral tones, turquoises, and bright neons on my nails and toes. I guess I would consider it mostly for my toes, because I like to keep my nails looking very clean with a nude, or no color at all. I find myself leaning towards coral or nude pinks when it comes to patterns in clothing, solid clothing, make-up, lip gloss, blush- and you will see this trend in my up coming videos. Here are some of my fav Summer Nail Polish Colors. I think with this selection- I hit on every great color for summer, coral, peach, nude, pink, turquoise, purple, blue and green.

china glaze peachy keen

Loving these three colors- by Orly and China Glaze. I especially like Peachy Keen because it is a coral tone and reminds me of my love for orange. Loving this color for summer.

china glaze re-fresh mint

These colors look so amazing on the nails! I love all three of these colors and actually own all of them. I have worn re-fresh mint and mint candy apple recently on my nails and I am loving these summer nail polish colors.

essie summer collection

Essie really did a perfect job with pinks and nudes for this line of summer nail polish colors. I love the light pin, and especially the coral like color called Cute as a Button. Definitely a huge fan of this summer Essie line.

opi shrek collection

I am still super in love with the OPI Shrek Collection. I want to use one of these colors for my manicure tomorrow, but I’m not sure I will be able to decide which color because they are all so pretty. I love the dual tones of purples, greens, and blues that definitely compliment a summer mood.

If you love these colors they may be available at Sally’s Beauty Supply or Ulta at a great price!

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