Colors for Summer 2010

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Which colors are you into this season? What are your favorite Colors for Summer 2010?

I have done a lot of shopping this summer, and as usual, I find myself leaning towards nudes, solids, etc. I find myself straying from just the typical grey, black and white, and stretching my options to a lot more earth tones, such as olive green, beige, and brown. My favorite accent Colors for Summer 2010 would have to be coral, orange, and turquoise. As for accessorizing for Summer 2010, I would say a mix between silver and gold, especially gold, and mixing these together and with other colors and stones. For Nail Polish, I have been sticking to solids. I loved the gold that I had on from Minx Nails, and I have been doing corals, purple, and fun bright colors on my toes. I am sticking to neutrals for nails, and loving light colors that will match with anything!

Here are some examples of my favorite Colors for Summer 2010 that I have personally bought this summer!

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