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Where did I find it? Online

Daft Bird

Why do I like it? This is a website that is basically an online boutique carrying specialty designers! Some of the designers are Daftbird (previously mentioned in my blog) Designer: Daftbird, Fighting Eel which carries products such as Fighting Eel Tunic Mars Acid, Wom by Monica, Bobi (I own some of their products- very basic and adorable), and 39 sixtyone. I think you would enjoy the site and looking even further into some of these brands and the products they sell.

Where can you get  it? Online

Who’s wearing it? Many celebrities, Japz

How much is it? Expensive, hehe


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Designer: Daftbird

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Why do I like it? Solids and stripes are always in. Daftbird is a great brand that has casual t-shirts, tank tops, and sweaters that have a very casual and comfortable fit. Timeless pieces are becoming more and more valuable, and clothing items that don’t go out of style- such as a white t-shirt, has the potential to cost a little bit more for better quality and longer lasting wear. Daftbird has a very relaxed fit and uses patterns that are very popular- such as a raglan top, off the shoulder, button-downs, and wraps. The designer of Daftbird’s goal was to create a collection of tees designed to give women that familiar, sexy feeling of wearing a guy’s shirt – with the added bonus of a fantastic fit!

Where can you get it? Boutiques, online

Who’s wearing it? Smart shoppers, and celebrities such as Vanessa Minello and Hilary Duff.

How much is it? $20.00 and up


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