“Juicy” Items…

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I was just looking around NORDSTROM and ZAPPOS for a good price on black Juicy Sweats. I actually scored on a pair for $40 for NORDSTROM that I will show you guys when I get them in the mail :)

Anyway, while I was poking around the sites I found some ADORABLE Juicy Couture Items that I LOVED.

Here they are from ZAPPOS:


I wish I could just have it all…. :) Anyway, I plan on getting a few things before I go to New York with my boyfriend next week. I want to get a heavy knit sweater or poncho like the one above, maybe a crop leather jacket, and a pair of boots. I don’t want to spend a lot though, so I am thinking Forever21 and DSW for the boots. I will be busy this week! The video below shows some new buys. I am thinking about getting a new red from the Essie Winter Collection to get on my nails and toes before NY!

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Essie Winter 2010- A Winter’s Tale Collection

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Wow I am impressed! As I usually am by Essie’s Collections, but I am particularly loving this one, due to the fact that I love EVERY color! I can barely choose a favorite. So, lets go over the amazing line up for Essie’s 2010 Winter Collection- A Winter’s Tale!

Here are the amazing colors:



Lets start with this first one, Smokin’ Hot. I think it is my favorite color in the collection. A dark color in the group with a foxy gray tone that will set a fire!


The next color is Masquerade Belle an amazing dark color as well. This ruby black reminds me of Wicked which is one of my favorites!


Silken Cord looks like a great mix of red and orange, and I’m sure it would look vibrant and fun on the nails. It is a festive color ready for the Christmas season!


Hot Coco looks like a beautiful brown. I am a fan of taupey-brown polishes, that give such a classy and matte finish.


Luxedo is a deep plum, a similar tone to Masquerade Belle but a purple tone rather than a red. Love this one too!


Going Incognito is an AMAZING GREEN! Yet another green from Essie, but I’m thinking this one is my favorite. Reminding me of camo, my favorite, hence the name going “incognito”, I love the tone and cannot wait to give it a try!

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Essie Fall 2010

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I am wearing Latest Addiction on my nails, and Little Brown Dress on my toes, and I am enjoying these colors very much! I have been complimented on my nail color multiple times, and funny enough, I have had 4 coincidences with other people wearing the same color! Its hot right now!

This seasons runways showcased a mix of traditional glamour, chic urban warriors and eclectic color combinations that has us revved up for fall! The feeling is dark, sexy and minimalist, dominated by a posh palette of decadent, velvet textures and reflective, metallic embellishments.

In Essie fall 2010, designers are mixing it up, combining sheer fabric with leather along with lingerie as outer wear in deep,muted tones and bold colors palettes which is very alluring. explains Essie Weingarten, Founder/President of Essie.I drew inspiration from the range of elegant, sanguine hues and camouflage tones.

Essies new fall 2010 collection embodies the essence of these eclectic fashions with autumnal pops of color in 6 stunning new shades that are perfect match to falls exquisitely refined accessories and finely tailored ensembles.

essie little brown dressessie latest addiction

Loving the fierceness of the Latest Addiction Red. The Little Brown Dress reminds me of so many other colors… it’s a nice brown but there are a lot of nice browns!


The entire Essie Fall 2010 Collection:

  • In Stitches cheeky blush pink
  • Limited Addiction Racy Garnet red
  • Sew Psyched cashmere soft sage pewter
  • Merino Cool sensuous autumn mulberry
  • Velvet Voyeur intense chocolate amethyst
  • Little Brown Dress beguiling black coffee
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Summer Fashion Colors

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What are your favorite Summer Fashion Colors? Bright and pure colors such as coral or white really uplift my spirit and allow be to become one with the season. I love wearing light and airy clothes, loose clothes, and adding a classy boho flare to my summer style. Accessorizing in gold is a key color for a great mix of Summer Fashion Colors! The corals I enjoy most are either light and peachy, or a more bright and vibrant shade like Calypso Coral by Bobbi Brown. Coral can be worn as a shirt color, lip color, cheek color, nail polish color, and even a pair of shorts or tights. I also enjoy coral because I feel as if it is the orange of summer, and if you know me, you know my favorite color is orange! I am in search of a coral bathing suit, please help! White is such a pure color and I enjoy wearing white to uplift my spirit and brighten my day. It is also convenient that it isn’t as hot in the sun. White is fun to wear in watch form, shirts, capris, or a romper. Adding turquoise as an accent color to white is always eye catching and always beautiful for summer. Gold, white, and turquoise is an amazing combo. Accessorizing is key! I love gold accessories against bright colors like coral and white!

Here are some examples of my favorite Summer Fashion Colors and items by some amazing designers!


Lauren by Ralph Lauren Dolphin Cay Hammered Drop Necklace. ( Nordstrom $58)


Michael Kors Ceremic Oversized Chronograph Watch (soon to be mine!) (MichaelKors.com $250)


J Brand Baggy Boyfriend Jeans in Omaha (Piperlime)


Essie Nail Polish “One of a kind” (ULTA $8)


Debbie Katz Bandeau Romper (ON SALE $30 Nordstrom)


Chanel Nail Colour in Gold Lame (Nordstrom $22)


Chanel “Bikini Peach” Lipgloss (Nordstrom $20)


Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral Pot Rouge for Cheeks and Lips (Nordstrom $20)


Ariella Collection Enamel Dome Adjustable Ring- also comes in Coral, White and Black. (Nordstrom $68)


Alex and Ani Spike Necklace (Nordstrom $58)

Also, check out the great site, Buy Makeup Online, for all of your cosmetic needs!  Or check this one out for some Celebrity Smokey Eyes ideas.

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Summer Nail Polish Colors

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Summer Nail Polish Colors are on my mind and I cannot wait to get a mani tomorrow- and you know what that means! It’s time to pick the perfect nail and toe colors for summer, and you better believe I did my research. I have purchased so many nail polish colors over time that I may be considered crazy, but I love having my own colors and being able to pick and choose right from my own bundle of colors. I have some definite favorites this season, so I decided to share a few of my favorite Summer Nail Polish Colors. The tones of color that I am leaning towards in clothing happen to incorporate many earth tones and articles of clothes that I like to use as canvas’ to accessory use and summer nail polish colors. I am loving the coral tones, turquoises, and bright neons on my nails and toes. I guess I would consider it mostly for my toes, because I like to keep my nails looking very clean with a nude, or no color at all. I find myself leaning towards coral or nude pinks when it comes to patterns in clothing, solid clothing, make-up, lip gloss, blush- and you will see this trend in my up coming videos. Here are some of my fav Summer Nail Polish Colors. I think with this selection- I hit on every great color for summer, coral, peach, nude, pink, turquoise, purple, blue and green.

china glaze peachy keen

Loving these three colors- by Orly and China Glaze. I especially like Peachy Keen because it is a coral tone and reminds me of my love for orange. Loving this color for summer.

china glaze re-fresh mint

These colors look so amazing on the nails! I love all three of these colors and actually own all of them. I have worn re-fresh mint and mint candy apple recently on my nails and I am loving these summer nail polish colors.

essie summer collection

Essie really did a perfect job with pinks and nudes for this line of summer nail polish colors. I love the light pin, and especially the coral like color called Cute as a Button. Definitely a huge fan of this summer Essie line.

opi shrek collection

I am still super in love with the OPI Shrek Collection. I want to use one of these colors for my manicure tomorrow, but I’m not sure I will be able to decide which color because they are all so pretty. I love the dual tones of purples, greens, and blues that definitely compliment a summer mood.

If you love these colors they may be available at Sally’s Beauty Supply or Ulta at a great price!

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