StyleBop Look of The Week- Whitney Port

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Whitney Port’s outfit:


Why do I like it? This look is one of my favorites, and Whitney Port does a great job combining many trends that I love, into one outfit. She combined a stripe shirt, boyfriend blazer with pagoda shoulders, boyfriend jeans, and a studded purse, which makes a total of 4 popular trends! I really enjoy how simple this look is, and it maintains class and style. Whitney Port managed to fuse grunge, sailor, and power woman, to create this great look! If you want to get this look- check out some of these great options below!

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Fendi Paper Bag Waist Skirt

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Who makes it? Fendi

Fendi Paper Bag Waist Skirt

Where did I find it? Online.

Why do I like it? This skirt is strait from the runway, and I would love to wear it with hot black tights and a black body suit. I would love if I can own this, but I unfortunately believe it is too high of numbers for my brain to consciously purchase. This skirt definitely follows the look of a modern jap- elegant and scrubby at the same time? How is that possible? If Fendi can do it a JAP can :) Love Fendi, and love the Paper Bag Waist Skirt.

Where can you get  it? Online/ Fendi

Who’s wearing it? Models, JAPz

How much is it? $500.00 ish

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