Fighting Eel Tunic Mars Acid

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Who makes it? Fighting Eel

Bluebee: Fighting Eel Tunic Mars Acid

Where did I find it? Fighting Eel Tunic Mars Acid

Why do I like it? Tunics have become one of this seasons necessities. I am a huge fan of tye-die, and Fighting Eel did a great job by not over-doing it on this Mars Acid wash tunic.  I like that it is primarily white, and the dark blue makes it obvious that it would go perfectly with a pair of dark blue jeans. I see this Fighting Eel Tunic in Mars Acid, with white heels and great chunky accessories, and maybe a navy clutch. This can be worn like this as an evening outfit, or with a pair of navy sweatpants to hang-out. I really like the baggy-ness on the sides of the shirt.

How much is it? Buy it on Bluebee for $138

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