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Item vs Item: Free People two button boyfriend crop blazer vs. Forever 21 stripe trim blazer

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free people blazer
forever 21 boyfriend blazer

Which item is better? I think it is obvious that the free people blazer is better quality. I wanted to buy it not too long ago and decided against it, basically because it was too expensive. The blue silk trim on the sleeves is cute, and the mix of the crop with the blue sleeve, would look great with jeans. The two products remind me of one another because of the alike 2 button quality and the silk trim. I never to rarely shop at, or even go into Forever 21, but had seen a few friends with that blazer and decided to purchase it. It is actually very comfortable, the beige silk trim looks great, and it is a much cheaper and nice alternative to the free people crop blazer.

Where can you get it? Wherever free people is sold. Forever 21.

Prices? $200.00 vs. $32.00

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