Fragment’s Peacock charm by Phresh

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Who makes it? Phresh jewelry

phresh jewlery fragment-charms peacock

Why do I like it? If you don’t know about Fragment’s, read here first: Fragments NYC.

Peacock is very in, and so are single charms on necklaces- whether big or small. So? Why not mix the two? These charms are also very unique and hand-made. These cannot be compared to a cheap item that would fall apart after a few uses. They are great quality and still have a very reasonable price. Peacock is everywhere… great to wear in the hair, as earrings, or on the neck. Too much can be flashy so you have to be careful. A picture of a fake peacock feather on a shirt is not fashionable, stray away from that! There is also a worn appearance to the necklace that makes it very appealing and strikes one as a vintage piece.

Where can I get it? At the store Fragments NYC or online

How much is it? $115.00


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Fragments NYC

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Who makes it? Fragments is a jewelry store.

fragments hand of god necklace

fragments studded metallic bracelet

Why do I like it? Fragments is a unique jewelry store ranging from small and dainty pieces to big and chunky ones. Walking into the store is a common shopping feeling of “where do I look first?”. Lately, I have absolutely been attracted to necklaces with small charms. The hand of God is also always a favorite item in jewelry. For example, in the first picture above. This item is $815.00 and is by “KC Designs”. Another favorite item is above at only $85.00. Cuff bracelets with studs are huge this season, as well as metallic, so why not mix the two? Also, the designers sold at Fragments are top of the line. If you like Fragment’s, you’d like Fragment’s Peacock charm by Phresh and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s The Row Pre Collection Fall 2010 (1 of 4)!!!! Absolutely check out fragment’s website.

Where can you get it? NYC store location (Soho) or online.

Who’s wearing it? Many celebrities, fashion icons, new york japs with husbands that have money to spend on expensive jewelry.

How much is it? Prices range widely.


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