Cinnamon Naples Wrap by: Goddis

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Who makes it? Goddis

Bluebee: Cinnamon Naples Wrap by: Goddis

Where did I find it?

Why do I like it? This shirt is awesome for a cold evening or day in the city. I would love to wear this under a brown coat with brown boots, to compliment the “cinnamon” color.  I love the neckline, how it shows that the shirt crosses in front, actually, wraps, just like the name. I like that this Cinnamon Naples Wrap by Goddis, is over-sized and long, with a jagged bottom. This would look great with the Brown Boots and Brown coat, when the coat is taken off, this shirt will look amazing, and everyone will want to know where is it from, and who made it. Indulge!

How much is it? Get it at for $228

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