Hello Kitty Repetto ONE OF A KIND Ballet Flats

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Who makes it? Sanrio

Hello Kitty Repetto Flats

Where did I find it? In The W

Why do I like it? Again, another Hello Kitty item from a devoted fan. But these aren’t just ANY item… These are Hello Kitty’s 35th Birthday Flats that cost about $1000.00. I saw these in the W and instantly got PSYCHED, “I’m going home and buying those”, until I came home searched online, and found them for the lowest about $700.00, and that was a few weeks ago, so they’re probably even more rare now. They are beautiful, and Hello Kitty deserves them for her birthday :) I wish I can see myself splurging on these, but maybe this blog post will give you some power to do it! If you or anyone you know does it, PLEASE, report back and send some pics! If you want a cheaper option, look at these Hello Kitty Rainboots as an awesome Hello Kitty item.

Where can you get  it? Online

Who’s wearing it? Hello Kitty

How much is it? ALOT

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Hello Kitty Rainboots

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Who makes it? Sanrio

Hello Kitty rain boots

Where did I find it? Nordstrom

Why do I like it? I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty- not just hello kitty the trendy rhinestone cheap bullshit that everyone thinks is cute- I like classic and vintage and the amazing expensive and quality jewelry and shoes line that Sanrio still creates. Hello Kitty has quite the reputation- she’s adorable, and if you’re wearing her, then you’re cute too :) I needed a pair of Rainboots for a trip to London- and all of the solid color ones, or “pretty” ones I was searching for, either didn’t look right, weren’t pretty enough, or didn’t fit right. Hello Kitty boots were definitely an option, because they are basically equivalent to a pattern and can match with anything. The Hello Kitty boots can be worn with anything on a rainy day, simply because of the fact that they’re hello kitty.  Anyway, these boots are cute, trendy, reasonably priced, and comfortable!

Where can you get  it? Nordstrom

Who’s wearing it? ME

How much is it? About $40.00

Website: www.nordstrom.com

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