Hermes Birkin 35 cm Toile and Togo

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Who makes it? Hermes

Hermes Birkin 35 cm Toile

Where did I find it? Online

Why do I like it? That square classic Hermes bag is such a must have in the fashion scene. It is practically seen on everyone in a black solid and used as a popular everyday bag in the celebrity scene as well. I love the bag because it is spacious and notorious and makes heads turn. This color is great because it strays from the black, but stays with neutral colors and can still pretty much match with anything. This bag can go with a relaxed look, but I particularly like it with a leather jacket like, Bebe Leather Jacket on a cold night, or with a preppy look or linen outfit. This is a great summer and spring bag.

Where can you get  it? Online, Hermes

Who’s wearing it? JAPs, people in the KNOW

How much is it? Around $500.00

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