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herve leger dresses

Why do I like it? Herve Leger has become a very popular brand especially for his amazing dresses. Herve Leger Dresses have been seen on the runway, on the red carpet, and now they are available on Stylebop.com. These dresses aren’t only to be enjoyed by socialites and celebrities, but if you want their look, you can get it by purchasing a Herve Leger Dress. I picked out some of my favorites and I think they are absolutely beautiful! The dresses include unique patterns and slimming lines that add so much style and class to the look. Check out the picture I included that shows which celebrities are wearing Herve Leger Dresses and how beautiful and slimming they appear.

black herve leger strapless dressherve leger black and white stretch dressherve leger blue printed v neck bandage dressherve leger dressherve leger white blue back v neck stretch dressherve leger black nude dress monique

These six Herve Leger Dresses are definitely my favorite.

1. Herve Leger Black Strapless Dress, I love the beaded detailing going all down the dress. It adds so much class to the dress.

2. Herve Leger Black and White Stretch Dress, uses a stripped black and white pattern that is so slimming. I love the way the dress will hug the body, and look so classy. In the picture about, you can see Khloe Kardashian in this dress.

3. Herve Leger Printed V-Neck Bandage Dress, happens to be my favorite. The strapping, pattern, and the applique on the front of the dress add so much detail and make the dress so unique and stunning!

4. This beautiful nude light color of the Herve Leger Dresses shown, is an amazing model of Herve Leger’s Dresses. The discreet-ness of the opague nude lines, create a slimming effect that makes your body look beautiful!

5. I absolutely love the sleeves on this Herve Leger White Blue Back V-neck Stretch Dress. The cut around the neck is super classy, and the pattern’s design makes the dress very unique.

6. This Herve Leger Black and Nude Strapless “Monique” Dress, is another one of my favorite Herve Leger Dresses. I love this style, and the nude slits that go up and down the front and back and the dress.

You can find all these great Herve Leger dresses at Stylebop!

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