Hope & Grace Gems- Unique Handmade Jewelry

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You know me- always finding new unique and handmade jewelry to gush about! I love creativity, and truly talented artists that express their visions into a reality. These pieces have so much love put into each part of the creation, from the contortion of the metal (silverware actually), the placement of the gems, and each letter stamped. Karin Burton, designer of Hope & Grace Gems, makes pieces ranging from necklaces, bracelets, and rings, using metal silverware, gems, and beads! Take a look at these pictures to see some of the beautiful, one of a kind, hand-made creations!

Hope & Grace Gems

Hope & Grace GemsHope & Grace Gems

If you cant tell, the above necklaces and bracelet used to be spoons! The use of spoons creates quality jewelry, and the tarnished appeal gives the pieces character, age, and uniqueness. The gem adds just the perfect amount of color, and draws your eye to the piece. Sayings and inspirational words make the pieces that much more special, and would be great as a gift or memorabilia.  I especially love the nature-y feel!

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