Mix Stackable Rings by Iosselliani

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Who makes it? Iosselliani

Mix Stackable Rings by Iosselliani

Where did I find it? BlueBee.com

Why do I like it? Stackable rings are very popular right now. This set is very unique, almost looks rusted, and the rhinestones add so much pizzazz! Since Stackable rings take up a lot of the finger, it really draws attention and accentuates the finger. As a matter of fact, I complimented a JAP yesterday on her stackable rings. This ring really reminds me of a bigger version of David Yurman Crossover Ring. What I really like about these Mix Stackable Rings by Iosselliani is the modern look, almost a vintage look, and the ability to draw attention to your hand with a simple outfit. It is great quality costume jewelry.

How much is it? These amazing rings are available at BlueBee.com for $315

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