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I am so interested and excited about this new line of bags- Jack Germain Handbags. They definitely remind me of Alexander Wang, Givenchy, and a purse that would be on my purse rack. Similar to the creator, Jack Germain, we both enjoy mixing masculine and feminine looks. I love the way these are described by mixing buttery leather with metal hardware, mixing opposites, stepping out of the ordinary to experience modern fashion. I am especially fond of leather mixed with hardware and studs, a very popular look seen throughout the world of fashion this past and upcoming fall season. Jack Germain Handbags brings this classy and simple look, just the right amount of a rigid and masculine appearance using distressed leather colors, and the big studs as accents that will really make these beautiful bag stand out.

Here is the pre-fall collection:



What I love most about all of these bags is the level of comfort and softness that appears in each bag. The way that the studs stand out on the leather canvas gives these bags a whole new dimension.

I was lucky enough to hear about the bags from Jack Germain’s mom whom I coincidentally met at my job. Like a good mom, she was wearing one of Jack’s creations and it immediately caught my eye. I am extremely fashionably picky, so this bag was literally right up my alley in the world of fashion handbags. I was not shy and asked, “Where did you get your bag, I love it”. I really appreciate Jack’s will power and enthusiasm about her line, it is quite inspiring. I am truly excited for the line to debut next fall and purchase one for myself.

Check these bags out on http://www.jackgermainhandbags.com

Check out her blog here: http://jackgermain.blogspot.com/

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