If I can go on a shoe shopping spree…

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Costa Sandal by BP. $40 from Nordstrom


Tory Burch Reva Lizard Sandals. $235 from Nordstrom


Tory Burch Miller Logo Sandal. $195 from Nordstrom


Jeffrey Campbell Stint Sandal $105 from Nordstrom


Elizabeth and James Stint Sandal. $169 from Nordstrom


Chinese Laundry Jelly Flat with Bow. $40 from Nordstrom

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Bohemian Fashion: Classy Travel

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Bohemian Fashion has become a really great fashion style.


Get this comfortable and affordable American Vintage long black tank top at Stylebop.com for $60 if you like this Bohemian Fashion look.


I love these classic beige shorts by Current Elliot, and especially for this bohemian fashion look. Get these here at Stylebop for $245


This William Rast Robin Jacket is so classy, yet maintains a vintage and messy feel. You can get it at StyleBop for $244?

jeffrey campbell khaki multi buckle wedges

I completely understand Jeffrey Campbell’s play on classy in the creation of these amazing wedges. You can purchase these well-priced and versatile Jeffrey Campbell Khaki Multi Buckle Wedge that fit perfectly into my bohemian fashion look at Stylebop.com for $210

zappos matisse footwear franklin

If the wedges are too much for you, they can be replaced by awesome flats for this look. I love these unique Matisse flats, perfect for bohemian fashion. Available at Zappos.com for $61

juicy couture multicolor trolley

This Juicy Couture Multicolor Trolley is an amazing and fun, vintage looking piece of luggage. It is available for $435 at StyleBop.com

Assesorize Bohemian Fashion:

ben amun brown brass mixed chains on leather necklace

Are you ready for this mouthful? This necklace is the ben amun brown brass mixed chains on leather necklace. And I love it. This goes perfectly with my look, espcially contrasting against the plain black shirt. I love Ben amun and this necklace is available @ Stylebop.com for $350

ben anum brass round discs detailing cuff

So Bohemian Fashion, classy and simple round disc detailing cuff by Ben Amun. Available at Stylebop.com for $350

Why do I like it? I am not sure if this look can be classified as Bohemian fashion to everyone, but it was the only word that I could come up with to match the look. It is based upon my style, and I wouldn’t call my style boho, but maybe it does incorporate bohemian items on occasion! I think this look is very classy and versatile, and I could picture a celebrity in it, anyone from Rihanna to M.I.A. (who one of my favorite fashion icons) and the Olsen Twins, who all posses some form of bohemian fashion items into their look. I love the mix of neutrals with unique gold accessories, and the boldness of the black shirt, that adds a simple canvas for the rest of the outfit to feed off of. The jean jacket is a great addition to the outfit because denim adds a new dimension, especially this jean jacket with the amazing fold-over neckline. I love the luggage by Juicy Couture, and this outfit is pretty much based around this suitcase. The neutral colors tie together in the shoes and the khaki shorts. I love how this outfit can be screaming classy and simplicity, while screaming style and pizzazz at the same time!

You can also check out this website, Boho Clothing, for great deals/sales on some awesome Bohemian style clothes!

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Jeffrey Campbell X-Mas Shoe

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Who makes it? Jeffrey Campbell

jeffrey campbell black xmas shoe

Where did I find it? http://www.karmaloop.com/products.aspx?ProductID=85857&VendorCode=JEF

Why do I like it? I love these clog-looking Jeffrey Campbell Black shoes. These are definitely a mix of class and edge- a key ingredient in being fashionably modern. I love the silver hardware, not only on the buckle, but the mirrored look on the side of the shoe.  The unique-ness of the shoe definitely grabs my attention, and I would pair this with very tight dark jeans or jean leggings, particularly Joe’s like Joes Jeans Jean Leggings and a simple black tee like LnA Long Sleeve Zipper Pocket Tee. This would be a great shirt to pair with this outfit because it is simple and has silver hardware just like the shoes. I love these, so grab them before it’s too late! Merry X-mas, Love, Jeffrey Campbell

How much is it? $126 on KarmaLoop

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Jeffrey Campbell Pewter Chain Flats

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Who makes it? Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell Pewter Chain Flats Sandals

Where did I find it? StyleBop.com

Why do I like it? Simple, catchy and classy. These Jeffrey Campbell Pewter Chain Flats are all three of these things. They are simple because they have a one-color solid design, a simple flat sandal that goes across the toes and up to ankle, but not too high to take away from any outfit. They are catchy because of the awesome color and texture. The pewter isn’t seen too often, especially not pewter that sparkles. They do maintain class though, because they don’t look cheap, they appear finished and well thought out. These are casual enough to go with an outfit  like Two-tone Tube Dress by Free People, and Bailey 44 Heather Grey Jersey Open Cardigan, but are also conservative enough to wear out with a nice pair of jeans and a tunic and similar cardigan.

How much is it? $130 at StyleBop.com

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Jeffrey Campbell Black Multi-Buckle Boots

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Who makes it? Jeffrey Campbell

Jeffrey Campbell Back Multi-Buckle Boots

Where did I find it? Stylebop.com

Why do I like it? I like these boots for a few reasons, they’re black, high, and Jeffrey Campbell. These would be great boots to wear with skinny jean leggings Joes Jeans Jean Leggings, or long black leggings Top Shop – Extra long black leggings, with a boyfriend shirt, and coat. I love that these are leather, and have a classy biker appeal. Its biker gone fashionable! The buckles are an amazing addition to the boot, they add style, metal, and make the boots even more eye catching! These Back Multi-Buckle Boots by Jeffrey Campbell are a must have, especially at this reasonable price!

How much is it? Stylebop.com for $285

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