Joie Regine Long Sleeve Drapey Cardigan

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Who makes it? Joie

Where did I find it?

Piperlime: Joie Regine Long Sleeve Drapey Cardigan

Why do I like it? I have been shopping “Joie” for as far back as I can remember. I still have Joie tank tops, cargo capri’s, and jeans that I have been wearing for years. They’re items are made precisely with quality, very comfortable materials, and a great amount of versatility. They are a wonderful and reliable brand, a perfect example of getting what you pay for. This particular item, Joie Regine Long Sleeve Drapey Cardigan, is something you can wear practically everyday. I love these long, drapey (which is a perfect word), black sweaters that bring out the upmost versatility. I love this particular one with a very un-tailored front to give it that great drapey look. I would definitely rock this with dark strait leg jeans like these Joni Surplus Low Rise Jeans by Silver Jeans THAT HAVE A 20% OFF OFFER, and awesome heels like these, Jeffrey Campbell Black Dip Detailing Boots.

How much is it? Best Price At for $238

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