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jordi flip flops

jordi flip flops snaps

Why do I like it? Who know one flip-flop could be so versatile?! If you are looking for a flip flop to wear for any occasion, the jordi flip flops are for you! These flip-flops are absolutely adorable! Jordi Flip Flops are a new type of sandal with a new concept! What started as a high school project for Lindsay Phillips of SwitchFlops, has now become a full time job and a lot of hard work! Look at the picture above to check out Jordi’s concept. First you choose a solid color sandal, from the five colors of pink, white, blue, green, black and yellow. In the bottom picture, you will see the interchangeable snaps that allow these flip-flops to be appropriate for more than one occasion!

If you shop in boutiques a lot like I do, then you will notice similar flip-flops at very high prices. Usually the expensive flip flops include fabric on the straps, and a rhinestone symbol at the top of the sandal. The Jordi Flip Flops bring this concept to a whole new level with their adorable, and interchangeable snaps, perfect for any occasion! Also, their price is amazing at the low cost of $24 for a sandal, and $12 for the snaps. I love this concept and I can’t wait to get my hands on a pair! I envision much success for this brand Jordi Flip Flops, and a JAP is just the right target!

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