Kate Spade Small Sparkle Earrings

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Who makes it? Kate Spade

Kate Spade Small Sparkle Earrings

Where did I find it? Piperlime.com

Why do I like it? I love small simple earrings that can be worn often with many outfits. These Kate Spade Small Sparkle Earrings are versatile, an easy pair of earrings to wear with anything and everything. My favorite kind of earrings are ones like these, that draw no attention away from your outfit, or your comfort, and they still make girls wonder, “where did she get those cute little studs”. Kate Spade is great at making cute little things, and these are a perfect example. Complete this look with other gold accessories, like Nicole Richie and Kitson House of Harlow 1960 jewelry, and Tory Burch Gold Metallic Tote Bag. Gold paired with anything, is the it color of jazzing up some simplicity in fashion.

How much is it? $42 at Piperlime.com

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