Ksubi Avior in Burgundy

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Who makes it? Ksubi

Bluebee: Ksubi Avior in Burgundy

Where did I find it? Bluebee

Why do I like it? Sunglasses are just one item that I enjoy from Ksubi. These glasses are hot. Since these Ksubi Avior’s are in Burgundy, they need to be worn with a very versatile outfit, such as jeans and a white or black shirt. If you notice the detail, they have silver on the top, and gold on the sides, so these would look great with a mix of accessories in Silver and Gold. Everyone seems to gravitate towards Black or Tortoise sunglasses, and a Burgundy pair of hot glasses will really do you and everyone else’s envy senses some good!

How much is it? Get these HOT glasses at Bluebee for $210

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