Jeffrey Campbell High Fringe Sandals

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Who makes it? Jeffrey Campbell

Why do I like it? First of all, Jeffrey Campbell is a God in the shoe world. If you haven’t checked out his shoes yet, you should. Here are a few other pairs of shoes of his to check out, All Stud Jeffrey Campbell Low Combat Boots, and Jeffrey Campbell Black Dip Detailing Boots. Jeffrey Campbell makes the most comfortable shoes.. and even if the design is crazy and the heels are high they will feel like you are walking on clouds. He makes shoes, everything from flats, to sandals, to heels and boots. He also makes shoes exclusively for the store LF. If you haven’t already, definitely check out his website.

Where can you get  it? Online, selected stores, LF

Who’s wearing it? People with $$$$

How much is it? His shoes prices range, pretty much over $100.00


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Store: LF

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Why do I like it? I don’t even know where to begin.  Being a huge brat and not being a huge fan of department stores and places flooded with unfashionable people that THINK they know fashion, LF is a smaller option with one of a kind, top of the line clothes. The locations are limited to NY, CA, FL, and MA- literally 4 stores, so there isn’t a million people walking around with the awesome selection of clothing from LF.  First of all, you walk in the store and a feeling of excitement comes across your body because you literally don’t know where to go first- there is stuff EVERYWHERE, and it’s all AWESOME. Last time I went, I gathered a huge pile of clothing and tried it all on, eventually leaving with about 10 pieces. Everything, or most things, is a one of a kind and one size fits all (excluding pants and shoes) so you have to try everything on to insure there is no funky fit. The mood is very NYC and they have ranges of clothes from vintage, to urban, and really funky things. Everything in the store is great, from shorts and shirts, to dresses accessories and shoes. (I didn’t mention jeans because I am a jean brat and will only wear better jeans than LF carries.) Some of the shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, whom is one if my favorite shoe designers that has a personal contract with LF, making particular shoes sold ONLY at LF, Jeffrey Campbell Black Dip Detailing Boots and Pixie Heels by Jeffrey Campbell. The store is quite expensive, so if your funds are low, go with intentions of buying one item, or go when they have their annual 50% off sale. Add them on facebook to be updated on sales. The sale is amazing because literally the ENTIRE store is 50% off, and only for a few days… usually the store has no sales at all. If you haven’t yet, go to the site NOW.


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