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I was just looking around NORDSTROM and ZAPPOS for a good price on black Juicy Sweats. I actually scored on a pair for $40 for NORDSTROM that I will show you guys when I get them in the mail :)

Anyway, while I was poking around the sites I found some ADORABLE Juicy Couture Items that I LOVED.

Here they are from ZAPPOS:


I wish I could just have it all…. :) Anyway, I plan on getting a few things before I go to New York with my boyfriend next week. I want to get a heavy knit sweater or poncho like the one above, maybe a crop leather jacket, and a pair of boots. I don’t want to spend a lot though, so I am thinking Forever21 and DSW for the boots. I will be busy this week! The video below shows some new buys. I am thinking about getting a new red from the Essie Winter Collection to get on my nails and toes before NY!

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