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Looking through Nordstrom’s, Bloomies, and Saks “What’s New” for this season, I am realizing more and more how picky I am with fashion. Just by looking at a picture online, or holding up an item in a store, I know what I will like, what will fit on my body, and what things I can put together. I don’t even have to give things a double look. Based upon my fashion sense, I have come to the conclusion that my style can be put into the category of classy, jappy, Hippie Chic Fashion. A few things that I am definitely not a fan of, is anything that is too straight and doesn’t either look flowy or oversized, and I’m not liking anything to frilly, showy or overdone. Other than oversized shirts, I usually like that items hug the body. I am liking the usual colors- earth tones, olive green, khaki, white, black, brown and as for bottoms, neutrals like jean or black leggings. I am also seeing a lot of straight leg, yet relaxed, khaki and earth tone crop pants that I really like- similar amougst brands such as Rich and Skinny, J Brand Jeans, Sanctuary, True Religion, etc.

Just going through the Nordstrom lookbook, I wanted to post a few of the items that I like the most. I am not using this as a label, but I think of my fashion style as “hippie chic”. Hippie Chic Fashion may mean something different to me, but when I see a fashionable JAP, and how I find myself dressing, is very designer, classy, hippie chic. I’m not sure if it’s the over sized, the vintage flair, or a combination of all of that. As for accessories, I am staying with my usual, mixing gold and silver, layering necklaces and wearing my small om, and lots of gold bangles with some play jewelry like my evil eye, and a recent yoga bracelet I got. Would you consider myself of Hippie Chic Fashion? Let me know what you think in a comment. Don’t forget about my giveaway!


I love this Jade colored dress, very calm and neutral. I love this ‘Donna’ Strapless Jersey Dress by Alternative. You can get this at Nordstrom for $48


Amazing crop pants by Rich and Skinny at Nordstrom for $176. I love the Olive Green crop and the chic look.


I am loving this relaxed look of Nanette Lepore’s Oonagh Stefano Hoody from Nordstrom for $179


I love this Michael Kors Dolman Sleeve Cardigan it is so classy, over-sized and beautiful, and very hippie chic.


Awesome full lazy Full Moon Tee by Marc Jacobs. Such a fun shirt to dress up or down. $68 at Nordstrom


I love this amazing floral sweater by Marc Jacobs. It doesn’t call to much attention, but it has just the right amount of confidence. You can purchase this at Nordstrom.


This Silk Military Vest by Hinge is an amazing item that is very bold. I love the color and the military feel. $138 at Nordstrom.


I love the brand Haute Hippie, I think they have such cute stuff for the free spirit. I love this Jackson Stripped Tunic Dress for $145.


This is such a great Ella Moss Shirt. It is called the Cassandra Shirt and I love that it is white, flowy, and chic. $128 from Nordstrom.

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ModernJAP Zappos Beach Look- Marc Jacobs Romper, L Space Bathing Suit, and Juicy Couture Sandals

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This Neutral Stripped Marc Jacobs Hooded Romper Cover-up can be found @ Zappos.com for $252


This L Space Sensual Solids Bathing Suit Top in Orange can be found @ Zappos.com for $68


This L Space Sensual Solids Bathing Suit Bottom in Orange can be found @ Zappos.com for $59

juicy couture mitzi black sandals

These Black Juicy Couture Mitzi Sandals can be found @ Zappos.com for $156

Why do I like it? This look is inspired by my style when I am headed towards the beach or the pool during the summertime! I like to keep my look simple, by not overdoing a beach trip with accessories or obnoxious tag-a-longs, but rather a simple beach look with a cover up for before and after a tanning “sesh”. I love the comfort, amazing quality, and thickness of L Space’s bathing suits. This orange suit is one of my favorites by L Space, especially because it’s my favorite color! The Juicy Couture Black Mitzi Sandals are casual enough for the beach, but up to par for beach fashion acceptability, with their slight gladiator appearance. The Marc Jacobs Hooded Romper Cover-Up is light, neutral, and an easy item to throw on before and after some fun in the sun! I hope you enjoy my beach look as much as I do, and use my tips to create your own beach look. If you have any ideas or tips, please share!

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Marc Jacobs Black Flats

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Marc Jacobs Black Flats

Where did I find it? Piperlime.com

Why do I like it? I love Marc Jacobs, and these Marc Jacobs Black Flats are absolutely on my list of a great item by him! These shoes are cute, classy, black, and have a trinket around the ankle, all things that are up right up my alley! I love the fact that these Marc Jacobs black flats are suede which adds such a classy aspect. The ankle part of these shoes look adorable and would work great with pants since they look like they hug around the ankle. I would love a stretchy section around the ankle so it would hug pants and keep the shoe in place. These Marc Jacobs black flats look comfortable and black flats are a great item to wear with pretty much anything! The only thing I question about the shoes is the toe, it looks like an odd shape in the picture, does anyone agree?  Otherwise, I love that these Marc Jacobs Black Flats are versatile, and add a little bit more style to an outfit rather than just plain pair of black flats! Also, these are Rachel Zoe’s pick on Piperlime.com!

How much is it? $169 at Piperlime.com

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Marc Jacobs Double Wrap Bolt Bracelet

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Marc Jacobs black Double Wrap Bolt

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Marc Jacobs Pink Rainboot

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Marc Jacobs Pink Rainboot Read the rest of this entry »

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