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“Metalicious jewelry will modernize your style! Gemstones sculpted from sterling silver called Modern Rocks, contemporary bubbles designed from round tubing, and hand-stamped inspirational Muse jewelry. All geometric yet softly shaped for you to wear proudly and cherish forever.”

metalicious jewelry

metalicious jewelry designs

What an amazing inspiration Stephanie Maslow-Blackman’s line, Metalicious Jewelry, truly is! If you have not seen these beautiful and timeless metal pieces, you are lucky to be reading this article. Metalicious is a line of jewelry that is modern, fresh, new, made from metal but looks like diamonds and gems! These modern pieces are funky and classy all at the same time. The pieces in this unique line include, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings. What makes these pieces so unique is that the inspiration for Stephanie’s pieces come from the rare patterns of nature, and her appreciation for form and the way things are made. Not only are her inspirations so detailed, but everything is hand-carved by Stephanie herself. Following her dreams to have her own brand really paid off…

Below I show some of my favorite designs from the line.


This Big Bling Metalicious Ring is my favorite from the ring collection. I love the modern use of the geometrical shapes, and the blending of all of the different colored metal. The mix of silver, gold, and rose gold is brilliant.


Not only do I love the simplicity of this Infinity Bracelet, the meaning behind it, emphasized by Stephanie, has so much history. As she said, “Love and loss. Joy and fear. Emotion and apathy. The meaning is rich and runs deep, to be interpreted as you wish.”


This Camo Necklace immediately caught my eye, due to my undying love for camo. What i enjoy most about the “camo” part of this necklace, is that it follows the true meaning of camo, being able to blend right in with the environment by wearing a miraculous piece of earth around your neck.


These Brilliant Heart Earrings are darling in the rose gold color. What is more amazing is the detail on each piece of jewelry, hand carved with love by Stephanie herself.




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