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A revolutionary handbag

I have recently come across a revolutionary idea, in terms of fashion.  These bags use the tagline “One Bag, Endless Possibilities”, and I find that statement perfect for this concept, but not only for Miche, for all handbag and purse designers that adopt this concept. The idea is to take one simple bag, and have interchangeable shells, making the bag possible for everyday use based on which shell matches your look on that specific day. This makes it easy for women to change their bags, without having to experience the time and hassle it takes to transfer your items to a new bag everyday.


For a girl like me, this idea is great because I love wearing new bags all the time, but changing it can be a real pain. I would love to see this idea grasped by more and more fashion designers to give their buyers more of an option. I am always seeking new fashion concepts and I think this one is a great creation!Build your bag

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