Opi Swiss Collection

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I absolutely LOVE the New OPI Swiss Collection for Fall 2010. The colors are all deep and exquisite reminding me of the coldness in Switzerland. I love that many colors seem to be vibrant but they have a very deep look to them. Based upon the pictures, there are crèmes on the top, and shimmery/glittery colors on the bottom. I saw this collection in person today, and I LOVE it. My aunt owns a salon so I got to see it and test out a few of the colors. I ended up getting Glitzerland on my toes and you can see them in my YouTube video below!!!

There are many reds in this collection which I find surprising that this came out before their holiday collection, but they always have something new and interesting up their sleeve so I’m sure the winter collection will be amazing! The Irre-swiss-able Mini’s are ADORABLE and so cheap! Look at the Amazon link above!

This collection ranges from a magnificent array of greens, blues, reds, and glizy silver and gold!!!


The colors are: I’m Suzi & I’m a Chocoholic, From A to Z-urich, Color So Hot it Berns, Just a Little Rösti at This, William Tell Me About OPI, Ski Teal We Drop, Diva of Geneva, Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous, Glitzerland, Yodel Me on My Cell, The Color to Watch, and Cucoo for This Color.

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JULY GIVEAWAY (Pink Sugar, Chanel Lipgloss, OPI Summer)

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Hey guys! Check out my July Giveaway on YouTube which consists of Pink Sugar Perfume, Chanel Muscat Lipgloss, and OPI Summer Flutter Mini’s

Here are the products and why I love them so much!

chanel muscat

Chanel Muscat Lipgloss is a beautifully pinky nude that I have been enjoying this summer! I love Chanel’s Lipgloss it goes on so nicely. It’s a new favorite and I wanted to share it with one of you :)

pink sugar perfume

I started wearing Pink Sugar about a month ago, and I am already more than half way done with the bottle. This mix of a sugar cookie and cotton candy smell makes you smell edible and fresh. It is delicious. :)

opi summer flutter minis

The colors in the OPI Summer Collection are so vibrant and pretty. The shades of Orange and Blue are especially my favorite! Mini’s are too cute to resist.

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2. Add me on Twitter and Tweet the “Entry Tweet” – “I just entered @ModernJap July Giveaway to win Pink Sugar Perfume, Chanel Lipgloss, and OPI! Check it out HERE: http://bit.ly/9azz7r”
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Summer Nail Polish Colors

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Summer Nail Polish Colors are on my mind and I cannot wait to get a mani tomorrow- and you know what that means! It’s time to pick the perfect nail and toe colors for summer, and you better believe I did my research. I have purchased so many nail polish colors over time that I may be considered crazy, but I love having my own colors and being able to pick and choose right from my own bundle of colors. I have some definite favorites this season, so I decided to share a few of my favorite Summer Nail Polish Colors. The tones of color that I am leaning towards in clothing happen to incorporate many earth tones and articles of clothes that I like to use as canvas’ to accessory use and summer nail polish colors. I am loving the coral tones, turquoises, and bright neons on my nails and toes. I guess I would consider it mostly for my toes, because I like to keep my nails looking very clean with a nude, or no color at all. I find myself leaning towards coral or nude pinks when it comes to patterns in clothing, solid clothing, make-up, lip gloss, blush- and you will see this trend in my up coming videos. Here are some of my fav Summer Nail Polish Colors. I think with this selection- I hit on every great color for summer, coral, peach, nude, pink, turquoise, purple, blue and green.

china glaze peachy keen

Loving these three colors- by Orly and China Glaze. I especially like Peachy Keen because it is a coral tone and reminds me of my love for orange. Loving this color for summer.

china glaze re-fresh mint

These colors look so amazing on the nails! I love all three of these colors and actually own all of them. I have worn re-fresh mint and mint candy apple recently on my nails and I am loving these summer nail polish colors.

essie summer collection

Essie really did a perfect job with pinks and nudes for this line of summer nail polish colors. I love the light pin, and especially the coral like color called Cute as a Button. Definitely a huge fan of this summer Essie line.

opi shrek collection

I am still super in love with the OPI Shrek Collection. I want to use one of these colors for my manicure tomorrow, but I’m not sure I will be able to decide which color because they are all so pretty. I love the dual tones of purples, greens, and blues that definitely compliment a summer mood.

If you love these colors they may be available at Sally’s Beauty Supply or Ulta at a great price!

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OPI Shrek Collection 2010

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modernjap — May 15, 2010 — This is a video including the New OPI Shrek Collection and the Shrek Mini’s that are being added onto my May Giveaway!

Don’t forget about the May Giveaway, along with the Shrek Mini’s, that you can view here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmnAnn…

You can also read the rules here: http://www.modernjap.com/giveaways

And Remember… You Must be a subscriber to win! Good luck to everyone! xoxo

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May Giveaway Addition! MAC Peachstock, Dior Lipglass, and Shrek OPI Collection Minis!

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Hey guys! I told you in my latest video that I am adding another product to my May Giveaway and I wanted to make an official post showing you the OPI Shrek-Tacular Minis! I ordered them and I should be receiving them in the mail soon, along with the full OPI Shrek Collection that I will also be showing you! So, this Giveaway is for the month of May and it is SUPER easy to win!

You can read the giveaway guidelines by clicking the “Giveaways” tab above, or watch a video on the rules shown below:

Make sure you follow these guidelines to give yourself the best chance of winning!

The May Giveaway includes MAC Peachstock Lipstick, Dior Lip Polish in Pink, and OPI Shrek Mini’s as shown below! Thank you all for participating and enjoy!!!!!


MAC liberty of london peachstock

dior addict lip polish

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