Pandora Bracelets

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Who makes it? Pandora

pandora bracelet

Why do I like it? Pandora bracelets are made in a variety of sizes and are good for all ages. This is a great gift and I have personally bought and received Pandora items as gifts many times. The concept is great. You buy a bracelet with a little room to grow, and over time you fill it up with different charms that represent things in your life, such as a high heel shoe or dancer, or you can simply buy one with pretty colors or create a color scheme of your own. It is basically a new grasp to charm bracelets. It is great because a Pandora charm can be made for kids or adults to represent memories. Not only does Pandora make these bracelets and add-on charms, but it also has a newer line of jewelry including rings, necklaces, and earrings. Pandora is not new, but they continue to grow and create new products to add to their jewelry line. Also, Pandora has become quite popular and is moving from privately owned boutiques, to bigger stores such as department stores and well-known jewelry stores like J.R. Dunn. They look great with lots of charms, and on the same wrist as a Tiffany Link Bracelet.

Where can you get it? Local stores, J.R. Dunn, and selected department stores. Pandora is widely available on the internet especially ebay.

Who’s wearing it? People that know about it

How much is it? Pandora bracelets have a very wide range of  pricing due to the type of Pandora bracelet you choose to buy. The sizes of bracelets are all different prices, available in silver and gold. Each charm is sold separately and the price range is wide. The other jewelry by the brand has a price range based on quality as well.


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