Fragment’s Peacock charm by Phresh

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Who makes it? Phresh jewelry

phresh jewlery fragment-charms peacock

Why do I like it? If you don’t know about Fragment’s, read here first: Fragments NYC.

Peacock is very in, and so are single charms on necklaces- whether big or small. So? Why not mix the two? These charms are also very unique and hand-made. These cannot be compared to a cheap item that would fall apart after a few uses. They are great quality and still have a very reasonable price. Peacock is everywhere… great to wear in the hair, as earrings, or on the neck. Too much can be flashy so you have to be careful. A picture of a fake peacock feather on a shirt is not fashionable, stray away from that! There is also a worn appearance to the necklace that makes it very appealing and strikes one as a vintage piece.

Where can I get it? At the store Fragments NYC or online

How much is it? $115.00


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