Ralph Lauren Overalls

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Who makes it? Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Overalls

Where did I find it? Online

Ralph Lauren Says Overalls Are Back! Spring 2010

Why do I like it? Overalls have been on and off the runway pretty much forever, and Ralph Lauren Overalls are back for Spring 2010! I love them, and their ability to be thrown on for a day out, with either a t-shirt, or like shown in this picture, a cute collared shirt. I love the look that overalls have, a relaxed, almost sloppy look, and they can only be pulled off if they are a nice pair, and worn with all nice, and the right, stuff, it can have a very preppy appeal. I would pair these Ralph Lauren Overalls with a simple black shirt like LnA Long Sleeve Zipper Pocket Tee and heels like Jeffrey Campbell Black Dip Detailing Boots. This would give them a whole new funky look! If you can wear these well, then you have just graduated to a new JAP level and you can pretty much wear whatever the heck you want!

Ralph Lauren’s statement about these was “I am inspired by the character of the worker, the farmer, the cowboy, the pioneer women of the prairies living authentically through challenging times,” he said in his program notes. “I have always admired the honesty of their work wear-the weathered jean, the sturdy overall, the jean jacket, the faded blue work shirt, the naive print of a floral dress.”

Who’s wearing it? Only the most fashionable!

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Polo Ralph Lauren Reversible Ski Vest

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Who makes it?  Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ski Vest

Polo Ralph Lauren Ski Vest

Where did I find it? Polo Store

Why do I like it? I love that Polo makes EVERYTHING! From ski attire to swimwear to socks and cargos, you name it! I have a few of their ski vests- one of my favorites is bright pink and green :) This particular one is AWESOME. It can go from being solid black, to a black with leopard print. I can never deny my love a classy leopard print. The vest is comfortable, fits great, and keeps me warm, I pair it with my Black North Face Jacket. Since it’s reversible I can wear it twice and no one will even know ;)

Where can you get  it? Polo, Online

Who’s wearing it? ME, JAPZ

How much is it? $100.00 ish

Website: www.poloralphlauren.com

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