Hello Kitty Flats by Polyvore

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Who makes it? Polyvore

Hello Kitty Flats by Polyvore

Where did I find it? Online

Why do I like it? These flats automatically get my vote because they are high-quality and include Hello Kitty. These can absolutely match with anything and they look so cute! I just ordered a pair and I’m waiting for them to come in the mail!!! Reviews said that they are extremely comfortable. I had to buy these since I was unable to afford the Hello Kitty Repetto ONE OF A KIND Ballet Flats mentioned earlier in my blog. They come in other colors, rather than silver. The Hello Kitty logo is stock though, looks great and to the point! She’s such a cutie.. I love her!

Where can you get  it? Online

Who’s wearing it? ME <3

How much is it? $50.00

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