Nordstrom April 2010 Spring Look Book Favorites!

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Nordstrom April 2010 Spring Look Book

These are some of my favorite things from Nordstrom in their April 2010 Look Book for this Spring! I hope you enjoy the items I picked out!

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Sam Edelman Gold Reptilian Oxfords

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Who makes it? Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman Gold Reptilian Oxfords

Where did I find it? Online

Why do I like it? I have been looking for a pair of oxfords since they are so adorable and so in this season! But when I look for something, I obviously want only the best. Sam Edelman makes high quality and comfort trendy shoes, often using metallic or simple designs. These oxfords definitely meet my requirements and I am going to get a pair so I can wear them with all make simple outfits to make them complex and match my accessories :)

Where can you get  it? Nordstrom

Who’s wearing it? JAPS!!!

How much is it? $125.00 ish

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