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Don’t you feel like your Fashion Wish List Never ends? My list can’t even include what I REALLY wish I could have, because those things are just out of reach. But once I finally save up for each item, I have a new list waiting for me. I guess I do have expensive taste though, so my items aren’t cheap in the first place, and I definitely work for what I buy. Sometimes I can’t help put fashion on the back burner for needs such as bills, school, etc. My Fashion Wish List for the time being is as follows….

ray bans aviator large metal

Ray Bans- These RayBan’s are on my fashion wish list because I want new sunglasses for summer, and either of these pairs are perfect for me. I am wondering your opinion though… do you prefer the Wayfarer or the Aviator? I cannot decide. But I am getting these soon so help me pick out the perfect pair! You can get these from Zappos for $139

sonya renee sugar baby necklace

Sonya Renee Emerald Sugar Baby Necklace- I am loving these necklaces sold by Lorraine Stanick on for $65. The Sugar Baby drop is so elegant and cute, and my favorite necklaces are small ones that can accompany my OM and look very delicate on my neck. I would obviously want green because it is the color of the anahata chakra (heart).

tory burch continental zip wallet

Tory Burch Continental Zip Wallet- You can buy this wallet on for $195. I already have a Tory Burch Wallet, and I can be a creature of habit when I like something. This wallet in the Rose Gold is so eye catching and classy. I absolutely love it and want it :)

david yurman 7mm citrine petite albion ring

David Yurman 7mm Citrine Petite Albion Ring- I have been wanting this ring for such a long time. I absolutely love the dainty-ness and simplicity.  David Yurman is one of my favorite jewelry designers for his classy items. If anyone’s interested in making a donation, I’m a size 6 ;) $590.00

yoga sheepskin

Yoga Sheepskin- These sheepskins are super comfortable to keep on your mat during a yoga practice, and even better to sit on for meditation. I am definitely going to get one soon! $75 at’s-Short-Hair-Sheepskin/GFT-070026.aspx

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