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Very popular JAP bag in town. Totally LOVE it. Romygold’s Biker Slash Tote in Black. Looks even more amazing on and the quality is to-die-for. Available at Intermix for $585


This Stella McCartney is a beautiful Organic Nylon Python Print Shopper Tote. Intermix priced at $975.

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Stella McCartney Black Sandals

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Who makes it? Stella McCartney

Stella Mccartney Black Sandals

Where did I find it? On the Olsens!

Why do I like it? Stella makes SUCH comfortable shoes! These particular shoes really bring about a versatility and make it easy to dress them up or down. LOVE the look. These Stella McCartney Black Sandals remind me of Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes like, Jeffrey Campbell Black Dip Detailing Boots. The Olsens are definitely fashion queens and do a great job of being picky and choosing the best items that will last them a long time! These sandals have become very popular, probably for their comfort and versatility. Get a pair if you don’t already have them!

Where can you get  it? Online

Who’s wearing it? The Olsens

How much is it? $400.00

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