Sueanne Shirzay’s Artisan Jewelry “I’ve Gotta Gal In Kalamazoo Tag Necklace”

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Who makes it? Sueanne Shirzay

Sueanne Shirzay

Where did I find it? Online

Why do I like it? This designer makes necklaces, bracelets, earings, and home decor, that is unique and hand-made. It is hard to find people who create quality items as their own project and hobby. I checked out many items and happened to love this necklace so much! These pieces can be worn out everyday, or dressed up with an evening piece since they’re one of a kind and appear as specialty pieces. It is inspiring that women can turn their fashion and vintage interest into a fun hobby and job. Sueanne’s jewelry has transformed from being available at trunk shows, to now multiple boutiques in the New York area. Keep up the great work!

Where can you get  it? Online

Who’s wearing it? Japs should wear this! :)

How much is it? Prices Range- very reasonable

Website: or follow her on twitter… @sueanneshirzay

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