Tai Gold 5 Circle Bracelet

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Who makes it? Tai

Tai Gold 5 Circle Bracelet Brown

Where did I find it? BlueBee.com

Why do I like it? This Tai bracelet appears very simple, and that it is. I think that is why I like it so much. Gold accessories really have a place in my heart since they are so versatile, and match with many other accents in the world of fashion, for example, the Gold clasp on the clutch, Henri Bendel Clutch, or the gold buckles on these boots, Dolce and Gabbana Leather Boots with Buckle. This bracelet has the ability to be worn alone on the wrist, and look really great doing it. This Gold 5 Circle Bracelet by Tai is simple, chic, modern, and a fashion must-have. The price is great and it is an amazing costume piece!

How much is it? BlueBee.com for $104

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