Black North Face Jacket

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Who makes it? North Face

The North Face

Where did I find it? Nordstrom

Why do I like it? North Face is a popular brand of jackets- and MANY people know about them and how warm they keep you. But what really matters, is that it has a North Face logo in the left hand side- JAPSTAMP. They are so comfortable and constructed with much effort. This particular jacket is great in black because of its versatility and high value of usage this cold season. Complement a simple jacket like this with a great scarf like Missoni M Lemon and Olive Scarf and keep it comfy with a pair of sweatpants Juicy Couture Black Washed Skinny Pants. The drawstring on the bottom (around the waist) is perfect to keep it on your clothes and around a shirt- therefore it doesn’t ride up or make you cold. Also, the hood is a great option to stay even toastier. North Face is a classic, and although people find it pricey- it lasts forever.

Where can you get  it? Nordstrom, Online, Dept. Stores

Who’s wearing it? JAPs :)

How much is it? Around $200.00


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