Time Peace Watches

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Not only are the designs of the watches amazing, but the concept behind it, the meanings the company stands for, and the peaceful attitude of the “Time-Peace” team are my favorite part of this new-age clock. The company has the goal of allowing the watches to remind people to live in the now, in the present moment. Shifting our train of thought from worrying to the start being your true self. I love this Time Peace philosophy especially because it reminds me a lot of my yoga practice and what I am studying through my yoga journey.  It may seem contradictory, but they want you to get rid of the time, they’re the only watch company in the world with optional hands. I like that this watch is new-age, innovative, and inventive. This line of Time Peace Watches was created by law students, Ian Koslow and Justin Wales. “We’re not trying to get rid of clock time, but we are trying to get rid of psychological time: stress, worry,” Koslow creator of this line of watches, said.

time peace watch

time peace watches

I actually have this white watch shown above with the black tree, and I will soon do a video showing it. I absolutely love these watches with the tree of life. They are affordable, classy, and very simple. Check out their website at time-peace.org to see their new-age take on the world of watches!

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