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I am a huge fan of NICE WATCHES. I am definitely a watch person- along with being a shoes, clothes, purses, and accessory person as well…

Sometimes this can become a challenge because I feel like my wish list is never ending and crazy! By the time I save up for the next item on my list, I already have a few more items I can’t afford added onto the master list. I know many girls have a hard time deciding which watch will be best for them! I am a “big” watch person, but if you have similar style to me, this list may be a good guide for you to get a nice, and affordable watch!

Watches that I have:

michael kors-black-watchSwatch Full Blooded Unisex Watchmichele-extra-large-deco

1. Michael Kors Black Ceramic Watch is great because it is big and matches with everything! You can buy this watch at NORDSTROM for about $300.

2. Full Blooded Swatch Watch in Gold! I LOVE this versatile, fun, and slightly flashy watch that I can always count on to go well with any gold or silver accessories :) You can easily get this on Amazon for about $180.

3. The Michele Extra Large Deco is my FAVORITE. I can hardly take it off my wrist. It is an amazing watch, but it is about $500 and can be purchased at NORDSTROM. The best part about the Michele Watches are the interchangeable bands, you will see why they are so convenient below!

Mine in the near future:


1. I LOVE this Toy Watch. I am thinking this is going to be my Christmas present from my boyfriend :) It is about $335 from NORDSTROM

2. This Michele Black Classic Sport Sail Watch will be an amazing new addition to my Michele Watches collection! The best part is that I only have to purchase the case which will be about $300. I get to use the band from my Extra Large Deco on this Sport Sail case which saves me a lot of money!

3. This Michele Jellybean is the active sports watch that I have been waiting for!!! My mom bought it for me for my birthday, but since it’s on backorder, I’m not exactly sure when it will be in my hands, hopefully soon! This is an ADORABLE watch for only about $200.

In the Far Future:


One day this BEAUTIFUL Michele Noir Watch will be mine :)

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Orange is IN: Tory Burch sandals, Toy Watch, Marc Jacobs Cosmetic, Incase

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Toy Watch

Marc Jacobs


Tory Burch Orange Sandals

Why do I like it? Orange can be considered an earth tone. Either brightened up or dulled down, orange can have a happy feeling or a very subtle one, such as a burnt tone. Orange is a great color to have some accessories, it can really make an outfit pop. It can be over-done so the orange has to be subtle yet apparent. Some of my favorite orange products are shown above. Toy Watches are becoming very popular, and having a watch in a fun color is a great idea- it’s impossible to have too many watches, and their prices are reasonable. The Marc Jacobs cosmetic case is reasonably priced around $60.00. It’s a cute way to keep your make-up organized in your purse and it’s a cute accessory to pull out of your bag. Also the incase iphone case is perfect. Not only does it keep your phone safe and a great quality, but it’s only $30.00 while drawing some attention to your iphone. The Tory Burch sandals are not only reasonable, but extremely comfortable. At $130.00, these would look great with nice jeans, a white t-shirt, and a big louie vuitton bag to stick to the neutral color scheme. MORE ORANGE? look here! Vera Bradley Large Backpack

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