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I always feel like I am talking about my jeans in a sense of “designer skinny jeans”. My absolute favorite jeans that I own are all designer skinny jeans, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite brands and styles, and explain why I love them. I have to wear designer skinny jeans by default, because skinny jeans are the only style I like on my body type (other than the occasional boyfriend jeans), and designer brands are the only ones that are long enough on my legs. I used to struggle to find jeans, and now that I have done so much research, trying on, and jean bargain hunting, I have came to terms with my needs to wear designer skinny jeans. Not only are they beneficial because they fit the best, but they also look the best, feel the best, and last the longest.

Here are my favorite designer skinny jeans, amongst others that I have mentioned.

Joes Jeans

joes jeans

I love Joes Jeans so much, they are one of my favorite brand of designer jeans. The Joes Jeans that I am have not too stretchy or clingy and have a very nice flexible fit that hugs my legs and waist very nicely. This particular pair has a very nice wash. You can get these at Nordstrom for $138

J Brand

j brand jeans

J Brand Jeans are very popular amongst the stars, socialites, and celebrities. What I love most about my J Brand Designer skinny jeans are the fact that they have very nice cling, along with amazing material and perfect fit for my long and skinny body.  You can get these at Nordstrom for $158

Seven For All Mankind

seven for all mankind jeans

Seven For All Mankind Jeans always look so nice. I love noticing jeans on women, and Sevens are definitely a brand that happens to always catch my eye. I love their hugging fit and the fact that they don’t come too low. You can get these at Zappos for $155


vince jeans

I love many items by Vince and their jeans are a new love. Their skinny jeans have such a nice and tight clingy fit that I really like and reminds me of a pair of leggings. You can get these at Nordstrom for $185

True Religion

true religion misty leggings with flap jeans

I am not a HUGE fan of True Religion jeans because I am not too fond of all of the thick stitching and buttons. Some of their skinny jeans though, a very nice and have a great fit. I love the low rise and skinny jeans, especially white ones like these. You can get these at for $172

Silver Jeans

silver jeans pixi super skinny mid rise jeans

Silver is such a comfortable and great fitting pair of jeans. I love how their label always stands out and has some extra cuteness to it from some sort of design. Get these at Silver Jeans for $72

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