Tsovet 50mm Watch in Black and Silver

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Who makes it? Tsovet

Tsovet 50mm Watch in Brown and Silver

Where did I find it? BlueBee.com

Why do I like it? This is an absolutely beautiful watch. Actually, I first saw it on a young typical Modern Jap at a trunk show for the brand PeaceLoveWorld, which I have posted about and has a lot of great items. This watch looked great one her wrist, but I never got the brand name from her, and I have recently come across this watch on Bluebee, and again on another JAP’s wrist recently. I really love this watch, the over-sized look, and the silver with black. It’s great to have a watch in every color, and since I have some of my other favorite watches in other colors like this Full Blooded Swatch Watch and Men’s Gold Swatch, and Michael Kors Black Ceramic Watch, it’s great to have another watch to wear with other outfits. This Tsovet 50mm Watch in Black and Silver is a great watch to dress down and wear with jeans.

How much is it? $495 at BlueBee.com

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