Runaway Rose Bag in Black by Tylie Malibu

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Who makes it? Tylie Malibu

Runaway Rose Bag in Black by Tylie Malibu

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Why do I like it? I always find myself looking for durable bags that are great for traveling. If you travel a lot and try to stick with the Modern Jap styles even on the go, this is a great bag to use as a carry-on. I am a fan of fashionable travel bags, and if you like this one, check this out too J. Crew Traveling Bag! This Runaway Rose bag it so great because it can fit your lap-top, it’s black so it matches with anything, and the studs not only make it very in-style, but they make it able to be thrown around, used, and abused! I love the look of this Runaway Rose Bag in Black, Tylie Malibu did a great job creating the perfect carry-on travel bag for fashionable JAP’s on the go!

How much is it? $538 at

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