Boots Winter 2010

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I have been wanting a new pair of boots for this season for quite some time, and after reviewing this Boots Winter 2010 selection, I am totally having a hard time deciding which style is for me. Do I go with the current “cowboy-esque saddle” boot, or become part of the over the knee boot craze. I do want a new pair of fashionable boots before my trip up north next month, aside from the new pair of Uggs I got- which are my go-to “comfort” boot! My new uggs will be a perfect pair of boots to stroll in the city with :) The problem is- I have a Chestnut pair of Uggs, and a black leather pair of Steve Madden’s with buckles, and a short brown pair of boots…. Does that mean I am supposed to get a very tall pair of “Natural” or “Nude” colored boots? Or should I get a new high pair of black boots? I NEED SOME HELP! :)

So after reviewing all of my favorite sites for boots, Zappos, Nordstrom, and Steve Madden- I compiled this LookBook of the best boots of the season….. or so I think so! Check it out:

diane von furstenbergDiane Von Furstenberg from ZAPPOS $500

OR A CHEAPER OPTION: steve-madden-sabra-boot Steve Madden $200

ugg and jimmy choo-795 NORDSTROM Ugg and Jimmy Choo $795

tory-burch-650 NORDSTROM Tory Burch $650

steve-madden-roady-tall-boot NORDSTROM- Steve Madden Roady Tall Boot

tory-burch-495 NORDSTROM Tory Burch $495

franco-sarta-169 NORDSTROM- Franco Sarta $169

tory-burch-325 NORDSTROM- Tory Burch $325

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Latest Wants/Needs/Buys

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What I got recently:


So, I am absolutely loving the Dermalogica SkinCare Line. It is sold at my aunts salon and used at many upscale salons and spas because it is a skincare line that definitely shows RESULTS. It sells itself!!!! I don’t even have bad skin, but it is very gentle, and refines any imperfections. I loved the Special Cleansing Gel and Active Moist Daily and Nighttime Moisturizer that I even got their most popular item- Daily Microfoliant to add to my collection. If you would like a chance to try these amazing products please enter my Giveaway! It is super easy and you can read the rules on the giveaway tab at the top of the page. These products are sold exclusively and they are expensive, you can call my aunts salon and place a dermalogica order at any time, and even get a free over-the-phone skincare regime put together that will match your skin type! Call (954)341-0606 and ask for Barbara!


So tonight was Fashion’s Night Out, and if you made a purchase on of $100 or more, you got that AMAZING free tote pictured above!!! I have been wanting a new pair of Reva’s, so I chose a pair that really POPPED with color!! I love these Vibrant Purple Suede Reva’s and I am super excited about getting those along with my new FREE tote in the mail :)

What I will be getting soon:


I want a new Pair of Uggs. My last ones that are Dark Chocolate Brown were uncomfortable so I sold them. I want to get a pair of Classic Tall Uggs in this brown that will match with everything for my trip to New York in November! I love Uggs and these will soon be mine :) You can get these at Nordstrom for $179!


I believe these are a staple item. Not necessarily in this color, but I DEFINITELY want this color. Pink and Orange- I am so there!!! I love Tory and a good pair of flip-flops is certainly a necessity. I will be getting a pair of these soon and I cant wait to show you guys in a video :) You can get these at Nordstrom for $45.00


I already own 5 pairs of Toms, but I guess it took that many pairs to figure out that a plain BLACK pair of Toms is a needed item for my wardrobe! I am going to Disney’s Epcot for the Food and Wine Fest with some friends and my bf for my bday, and these will definitely be coming with me! I will have to make a video showing you guys what I pack for the trip :) You can get these at online for $44.


Peace Love World is an amazing brand that I have written about multiple times, and I own a few of their items! I LOVE the brand and their simple, cute, and clever sayings and outfits. When I saw this BOHO COMING SOON outfit, I FELL in love and right now, I am totally waiting for it to go on sale!!!!!!! Check out their site at

What I am getting for my bday:


I am so excited to get my Michele Jellybean!!!! You can get it at Nordstrom for $295. Luckily I am getting a discount, and I am able to get it locally for $180. I’m super excited about that and cannot wait to get this for my b-day! It is on the 23rd of this month and I have fun things planned :)

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Ugg Boots 5818

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Who makes it? Ugg Australia

Ugg Boots 5818

Where did I find it? Online

Why do I like it? I just got these Uggs, they are comfy and cute and the chocolate brown is killer! I don’t like traditional, boring Uggs that are plain and not interesting- only worn because of their name, “Ugg”. They do keep you warm though, I will give them that credit. Anyway, these Uggs are cute and comfy and stray from the typical Ugg look. The lace-up is such a great idea and I love how cute they are and comfy!!!! Great Boots!

Where can you get  it? Online

Who’s wearing it? ME

How much is it? $100.00 ish

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Women’s Ugg Boots Classic Argyle Knit

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Who makes it? UGG Australia

Women’s Ugg Boots Classic Argyle Knit

Where did I find it? Online

Why do I like it? UGG Boots are reliable and comfortable! They have a great apperance and price. I can go on and on about these boots, I have been a customer of UGG for the past 9 years or so and I love many of there boots. Another one of my favorite pairs is Ugg Boots 5818. Their product has grown immensely and reached new heights by constructing new products. This particular look is a newer one- and the leg of the boot can go higher or lower. They are so comfortable on the inside, and have a great look to them. They are versatile, able to be worn with any pants or warm outfit on a cold day!

Where can you get  it? Online, Department Stores where UGG is sold- I recommend Nordstrom.

Who’s wearing it? JAPs

How much is it? Around $150.00

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